Protect your practice from mobile device security risks

Posted by Kate Tingley on Feb 12, 2020 12:44:54 PM


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Making the transition to using Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Posted by Kate Tingley on Jan 22, 2020 5:17:30 PM


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No shows, how to avoid them

Posted by Christina Horne on Nov 27, 2019 4:00:00 PM

Did you know, on average patient no shows can cost the healthcare industry up to $150 billion annually? That is an immense waste of money that could contribute to more beneficial areas for the healthcare industry. Each missed appointment for a practice is lost money, which means there needs to be a solution for missing income. Some practices find it beneficial to have a fee charged to those who miss appointments to recoup some of the lost income. However, if there is a way to minimize the amount of missed appointments, then there is a better chance for increasing income. Starting with the beginning of the process, if scheduling is done well and pre-registration is completed, and the staff follow up with appointment reminders there is a higher probability that somewhere in those parts of the process the patient will cancel is needed.

One of the top reasons for no shows is due to fear of payment. If prior to the appointment the patient knows exactly what they will owe after insurance, then they will more likely be willing to attend the appointment or reschedule for another time. Unfortunately, the number one reason for no shows is forgetfulness. Therefore, the appointment reminder phone call is important.  The patient is more likely to cancel or remember to arrive for the appointment. Lastly, your practice should allow for cancellations, but there needs to be a cancellation policy in place. Patients should have ease of access to cancel through a patient portal, or the ability to call to cancel and know their call will be answered. Patients should be given a certain time frame in which they can cancel without penalty or reschedule. Take the time to review how your practice handles no shows, and from there find the areas for improvement, your cash-flow may depend on it.

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Pre-registration & pre-visit paperwork

Posted by Christina Horne on Nov 20, 2019 4:01:19 PM

One key strategy for improving your practices time-management, and overall effectiveness is to implement providing patients with pre-registration and any pre-visit paperwork. In collecting these materials and important information prior to the patient’s appointment, you are creating patient satisfaction while simultaneously improving the efficiency of your process overall.

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The EHR System, where did it come from?

Posted by Christina Horne on Oct 23, 2019 4:30:00 PM

First, let's define what an EHR system is. An EHR (Electronic Health Record) System is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users. One of the best parts of the EHR system is that it allows a patient’s information to be shared across all different types of healthcare settings. 

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Beyond appointment reminders

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 4, 2019 6:08:14 AM

Many practices use an automated system for sending appointment reminders. You’re already paying for the service and the call, so why not maximize its value to your practice? Here’s some small changes to your appointment reminders that can yield big results.

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Medicare overpaid docs billions for office visits, OIG says

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 5:16:03 AM

Medicare overpaid physicians $6.7 billion in 2010 for evaluation and management services, HHS’ Office of Inspector General said in a study released Thursday. The overpayments, which allegedly stemmed from incorrect coding and poor documentation, accounted for more than one-fifth of the $32.3 billion the CMS paid for E/M services that year. E/M services are basic patient health assessments performed at a physician’s office or clinic.

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Practice manager role evolves with the times

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 3:42:23 AM

Thanks to the healthcare environment’s shift toward a value-based system with more emphasis on quality metrics and patient satisfaction than ever before, the role of the practice manager is evolving as well, according to an article from Renal & Urology News.

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Swelling demand from patients for online access

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 1, 2019 10:14:01 AM

More than half of people with chronic conditions say the ability to get their electronic medical records online outweighs the potential privacy risks, according to a new survey by Accenture.

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What Physicians Should Know: 7 Retail Clinic Statistics

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 1, 2019 8:45:59 AM

As the number of retail-based clinics grows, more physicians are expressing concerns regarding how those clinics will affect their practices.

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