Drawing inspiration from Apple to reshape provider, patient experience

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 6:47:27 AM

Patients walking in the front door of the University of Minnesota Health Clinics and Surgery Center in Minneapolis may do a double take, thinking instead that they’ve entered an Apple store.

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Topics: Patient Experience

Growing, aging population straining primary care, report shows

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 6:16:31 AM
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Topics: Healthcare, Patient Experience

Healthcare price transparency tools seldom used, study finds; more reminders, marketing needed

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 6:10:35 AM

Price transparency tools have been gaining in popularity among providers, the idea being that they can reduce medical spending by allowing consumers access to pricing data — which in turn lets them shop around for less expensive services. A new study published in Sage Journals, however, found that few consumers actually use these tools.

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Topics: Healthcare, Healthcare Data, Patient Experience

How to attract patients to your blog or website

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 5:57:40 AM

Having trouble attracting patients and prospective patients to your blog, website, or social media? The problem could be the content on your site.

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Topics: technology, Healthcare, Patient Experience

How to market to millennial patients

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 5:52:26 AM

Millennials have a completely different set of expectations than prior generations when it comes to engaging with the world around them. They are the digital natives and, as such, are used to interacting with their social networks, accessing services, and having the world’s knowledge all at their fingertips.

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Topics: Healthcare, Patient Experience

How virtual reality is taking dementia patients back to the future

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 5:33:12 AM

In a comfortable armchair, glass of sherry at her side, Elspeth Ford is getting to grips with her 3D goggles. “Maybe I’ll go another other way now,” she says, looking left, right, up, down. She breaks into a cheery rendition of the Lambeth Walk.

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Topics: AI, Telehealth, Healthcare, Patient Experience

More americans fear medical bills than being seriously ill

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 4:24:17 AM

The high cost of healthcare has led many Americans to delay or forgo recommended medical care such as tests, treatments and doctor visits.

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Topics: patient satisfaction, NICU billing, medical coding, Patient Experience

Patient portals: Build them well and they will come

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 3:56:17 AM

Let’s face it, there will always be a segment of your patient population that just isn’t interested in using a patient portal. But with so much of life now conducted online, the good news is that robust design and usefulness will engage most patients.

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Topics: parent portal, patient accounts, Patient Experience

Patient transport: Using Lyft, Uber reduces wait times, boosts care access, saves money

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 3:53:24 AM

Millions of Medicaid and Medicare patients have trouble getting transportation to and from nonemergency medical appointments each year, potentially exacerbating chronic conditions and leading to higher healthcare costs down the road. But pilot programs show that partnerships with ride-hailing programs such as Lyft and Uber could provide a cost-effective solution to transportation barriers.

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Topics: Healthcare, Healthcare Data, Patient Experience

Physician re-entry remains ‘expensive and time-consuming’

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 3:46:37 AM

Physicians’ path to re-entry after a prolonged break from practicing hasn’t gotten much smoother amid a growing workforce shortage in primary care, according to an article from Kaiser Health News.

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Topics: RCM, patient collections, Healthcare, Collections, Patient Experience

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