More americans fear medical bills than being seriously ill

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 4:24:17 AM

The high cost of healthcare has led many Americans to delay or forgo recommended medical care such as tests, treatments and doctor visits.

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Helping families of NICU patients navigate insurance

Posted by Kate Tingley on Aug 8, 2019 1:35:33 PM

Having a child in the NICU is understandably an emotionally trying time. For many families, the stress doesn't stop there. The NICU billing process is a delicate balance between the provider, hospital and payor, leaving the family often confused and frustrated. In this post, we'll provide 6 ways to improve your customer service related to insurance and alleviate the family's burden.

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Topics: patient collection, patient satisfaction, NICU billing, NICU Revenue Cycle, medical coding, hospital revenue cycle management, hospital revenue cycle

NICU revenue streams

Posted by Kate Tingley on Aug 8, 2019 12:45:28 PM

Today on the blog, Lynne Westergaard - our NICU revenue cycle expert, is sharing 4 potential revenue streams your NICU professional billing team may be missing. Before we get to Lynne's tips, we've made a couple of assumptions:

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Topics: NICU billing, NICU, NICU Revenue Cycle, hospital coding, hospital revenue cycle management, hospital revenue cycle

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