Coronis Health’s Response to COVID-19

Posted by Kate Tingley on Mar 18, 2020 12:01:48 PM

With the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly evolving, Coronis would like to provide an update on how we are addressing and working through the challenges associated with the virus. First and foremost, the health and safety of our employees, their families and our clients are our top priority. Our goal is to continue to provide a safe work environment while supporting the needs of our clients during this unprecedented time. 

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Certified physician assistants: 10 myths vs. facts

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 4, 2019 5:53:31 AM

As a certified physician assistant (PA-C) who has practiced over 20 years, I am often surprised by the many fallacies that exist, even among physicians, about who physician assistants are, what we can do, where we practice and how we can improve practice operations and profitability.

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CMS looking to define enforcement for its hospital price transparency rule

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 4, 2019 5:48:01 AM

Now that hospitals are required to post chargemaster data online for patients to access, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is exploring the most effective ways to make sure providers comply with the rules.

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More than half of hospital leaders see supply chain improvement as path to higher margins

Posted by Kate Tingley on Oct 3, 2019 4:20:20 AM

Supply chain improvement offers the potential for significant savings for cash-strapped hospitals. According to a recent Navigant Consulting analysis, U.S. hospitals could save as much as $25.4 billion annually by streamlining their supply chains and eliminating unnecessary costs. That translates to a 17.7% average drop in supply expenses, or about $11 million per hospital per year.

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