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AI and healthcare: a giant opportunity

AI beats humans at identifying cervical cancer in NIH study

AI hospital software knows who’s going to fall

AI poised to ‘transform’ medical imaging, radiology society says

AI’s role in healthcare starts small, gets bigger

Amazon has a secret health tech team working on medical records, virtual doc visits

Amazon prepares to move into healthcare IT

Amazon reportedly forms Alexa health team

Health of the healthcare system video

Anthem rescinds same day service cut, AMA says

Are healthcare workers prepared for the digital health era?

Are you being underpaid by medicare advantage organizations?

Artificial intelligence (AI) detects melanoma more efficiently than dermatologists

As providers wrap their arms around data exchange, patient engagement tools are the next hurdle

Asking patients to review your practice online

Audits are only one way of coming under the HIPAA microscope

Beyond appointment reminders

Budgeting helps medical practices eliminate financial unknowns

By offering telehealth via its mobile app, CVS is putting healthcare in the palm of your hand

Can you put a price on patient relationships?

Celebrate your practice’s values

Certified physician assistants: 10 myths vs. facts

Choosing wisely? There’s an App for that!

CMS announces new primary care payment models aimed at greater shared risk

CMS looking to define enforcement for its hospital price transparency rule

CMS looks to expand medicare coverage to CAR-T therapy

CMS offering $50M in grants to help state Medicaid programs tackle opioid epidemic

CMS proposes interoperability rules to increase EHR access

CMS wants to make selling out-of-state insurance easier

CMS will cancel major bundled payment initiatives

Consumer-driven plans shift behaviors to cut costs

Credentialing: More than applications and checklists

Consumers care about both clinical and ‘patient experience’ ratings to choose primary care doctors

Dallas free-standing ERs want Google to identify the people behind 22 negative online reviews

Defining what ‘Defined Contributions’ mean for work-based health insurance

Delegated Credentialing: How It Can Impact Your Revenue

Documenting the Patient Examination

Drawing inspiration from Apple to reshape provider, patient experience

Efficiency in collecting patient liabilities

FDA Launches new tool aimed at safe deployment of AI in healthcare

Fewer doctors are opting out of Medicare

Five strategies to compete with retail clinics

For physician practices, the pressure’s on to offer patients same-day appointments

Futurist: Tech revolution in healthcare requires systemic change

Get the right answer from analytics by asking the right questions

Global ransomware attack and how to stay protected

Google patent indicates plans to develop EHR to predict patients’ clinical outcomes

Google seeking talent in voice tech to improve doctor-patient experience

Got health insurance? That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to pay your medical bills

Graying doctors, patients to fuel 122K physician shortage by 2032

Growing, aging population straining primary care, report shows

Health insurance deductibles up 150% over last decade

Healthcare leaders look at the past, present and future of consolidation

Healthcare price transparency tools seldom used, study finds; more reminders, marketing needed

Healthcare prices rose but use fell across U.S.

Here’s the lowdown on the next new thing that will upend the world economy

How do you stack up? The cost & quality equation

How medical practices can leverage content marketing

How to align physicians with modern marketing practices

How to attract patients to your blog or website

How to implement an effective collections turnover process

How to market to millennial patients

How to study your medical practice competition

How virtual reality is taking dementia patients back to the future

Humana study touts telehealth cost cuts, with comparable follow-ups

Implement medical practice change without going broke or insane

Important update on medicare payment rates and MIPS

Insights: Owning It! Strategic planning, navigating M&A, and staying independent in healthcare today

Kaiser family foundation introduces a valuable tool for medicare advocates

Leverage analytics for better business decisions

Majority of patients faced out-of-pocket expense of $500 or more last year

Medicare overpaid docs billions for office visits, OIG says

Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs show promise in cost reduction, quality improvement

Merging insurers with AI: Could independent practices benefit?

It's a win-win for micro-hospitals and healthcare systems

More americans fear medical bills than being seriously ill

More insured, but the choices are narrowing

More than half of hospital leaders see supply chain improvement as path to higher margins

Most under-35s okay with insurers digital spying if it cuts prices

Need a doctor? Just ask alexa

New CMS data on ACOs: Maybe not a high-speed train, but a train nonetheless

Optimizing your healthcare marketing strategy to win millennials

Patient portals: Build them well and they will come

Patient transport: Using Lyft, Uber reduces wait times, boosts care access, saves money

Patients want providers with strong online presence

Physician pay up 20% since 2015 but gender gap widens

Physician re-entry remains ‘expensive and time-consuming’

Position your newly hired clinician for success

Practice manager role evolves with the times

Private equity companies’ acquisition of physician practices likely to accelerate

Providers call for transparency, balanced risk in future CMS payment models

Providers eye malls for one-stop healthcare shopping

Providers, payors & policy: Opioid epidemic updates

PSA: Providers should take advantage of FREE credit freeze protection

Reaching young adults: Leaders share marketing best practices

Report outlines the business perils of long patient wait times

Reversing physician burnout requires total change in the culture of medicine

Security risk assessments – why you need it and how to get it done

Is your medical practice’s retirement plan ready for 2018?

Should we be moving towards offering free telemedicine consults?

Six ways medical staff can improve physician-patient relationships

CMS wants docs to spend more time on patients, less on paperwork

Small physician practices embrace telemedicine

Smart Content Marketing Tips for Healthcare Practices

Social media do’s and don’ts for medical practices

Social networks may one day diagnose disease—but at a cost

Study: Non-physicians deliver same care as docs in community health centers

Surgeons Want Robots – if They Know They Will Help Cut Down Their Human Errors

Swelling demand from patients for online access

Telehealth services market on steep upward trajectory

The 10 most common telemedicine program objectives

The communications platform: Considerations for medical practice administrators

The Diseases We Spend Our Health Dollars On

The Importance of Online Customer Reviews

The next health care wars

The open secret of health information technology – the emperor has no clothes

Three tips to more effective and efficient use of your EHR

To empower an under-served population, the pharmacy meets Patients at the Barbershop

Top 10 healthcare challenges for 2019

Top 10 ways that AI will impact business in the next decade

Top 8 healthcare predictions for 2019

Uber Health lets providers schedule rides for patients

Use email-based care coordination to improve outcomes, provider satisfaction, study suggest

VA finalizes rule easing virtual care delivery

Vaccines that don’t need refrigeration could save a ton of lives

Walgreens to invest $300M in digital health

What Physicians Should Know: 7 Retail Clinic Statistics

Why doctors should stop speaking the language of war

Why next-gen mobile networks will be a boost to healthcare

With CMS’ new physician fee schedule on the way, 2018 could be a ‘turning point’ for telemedicine

CMS finalizes 2019 rules

31% of employers rank expanding health benefit choices as top priority

Automate processes at your practice to increase value

Not ‘a build it and they will come kind of thing’: Telehealth descends on AHIP19

The Advance Care Planning Fact Sheet

5 reasons to outsource your medical practice’s billing department

Tips for managing your practice’s reputation on physician review sites

Is it time to conduct a HIPAA compliance risk analysis?

Automatic appointment reminders by text, phone or email

Medicare revalidations

MACRA – MIP Matters

Medicare revalidation due date

How to ensure that your medical practice stays profitable

How to properly handle medical billing patient phone calls

Outsourcing your medical billing

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